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Ordnance Survey maps have been produced since 1801, and show the landscape of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland in great detail.

Old Ordnance Survey maps
We buy and sell original maps and plans, black and white and coloured, in good secondhand condition dating from 1801 to the present.

About this website
The bulk of this site consists of lists of maps and books. These can always be found by clicking Lists of maps, books and CDs on the top left of the screen (glance at it now).
The other important link is Key to codes used on this site, which explains the abbreviations used, again, top left of all screens. If you know your way around Ordnance Survey maps, these should be enough to get you going.

If you are new to maps, please read our brief introduction Read this first, also found top left.

As mapsellers specialising in old Ordnance Survey maps, we have very large stocks of both large and small-scale maps. We also stock new and out-of-print books by and about the Ordnance Survey.

Ours is primarily a postal business, although visitors are welcome by appointment. If you need guidance or advice on which maps might be suitable for your needs, please ask.

We are always buying new stock---whether large collections or just a few items, and can arrange visits to view collections. Please contact us if you have maps to sell or exchange.

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