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With retirement, we have closed our business and are no longer trading as map sellers.
But all is not lost. Read on.

We would like to thank everyone we have had contact with our the past thirty years. So many people were initially customers and are now friends. We have enjoyed meeting, helping, and being helped by everyone out there, both in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

We do have quite a few maps still here, and many are listed on this website, so if you are looking for something, please look at the relevant section on the website. We still have too many six-inch, half-inch, Old Series and 1:25,000 maps to list. Alas, we have nothing for the Popular Edition, New Populars, Seventh Series, 1:50,000, Pathfinders, Quarter-inch Fourth Edition and Fifth Series, Scottish post-war. Sorry.

We will keep this website for a while yet, as a lot of people find it useful.

Ordnance Survey maps have been produced since 1801, and show the landscape of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland in great detail.

About this website
The bulk of this site consists of lists of maps and books. These can always be found by clicking Lists of maps, books and CDs on the top left of the screen (glance at it now).
The other important link is Key to codes used on this site, which explains the abbreviations used, again, top left of all screens. If you know your way around Ordnance Survey maps, these should be enough to get you going.

If you are new to maps, please read our brief introduction Read this first, also found top left.

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