Map miscellany

First World war : map miscellany
I am not fond of 'gather-ups' like this, but it is certainly easier to just put everything under one heading, and let people chance upon something nice.

Please email for any item that is of interest :

Item                                                                                                                                             £

1. Bacon's large-scale map of the British battle front (cover title). Approx one-inch to four miles. Ostend and Ghent in the north, down to La Fere and Montdidier in the south. 'Approximate allies line on May 4th is shown by the solid red band'. Two dashed red lines show 'Allies line Mch 16th 1917' and 'Allies line on July 1st 1916'. Coloured map, cloth backed in good clean condition. 25.00
2. Bartholomew : General map showing European frontiers, 1914. 1:2,000,000. London, Hamburg, Warsaw, Belgrade, Limoges, Paris. Good clean map in sound scruffy cover. [1914] 10.00
3. The British line in Flanders. One-inch to one mile. Oost Cappel, Jseghem, Bersée, Bethune. Enlarged from the French War Office map 1.6.15. Uncoloured, dissected in good used, slightly scruffy condition, but lacking any sign of 'the line'. Sifton Praed, nd. 14.00
5. Stanford's half-inch map of the British Front in France and Flanders. Oost-Cappel, Ypres, Bethune, Arras, Noyon, Soissons. Approximate position of battle fronts shown for Nov. 30th 1916, and June 27th 1916. Coloured Sheets 17 and 18 dissected and mounted together. Good clean condition. (Stanford's War Maps). Published 24th Jan 1917. Sold

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