Alan Godfrey : Ordnance Survey town plans

Ordnance Survey large scale maps at 1:2500 scale

These maps are invaluable for historians and genealogists, with more than 2,200 titles having been issued. Most maps are highly detailed, being 1/2500 (25”) plans reprinted at about 14 inches to the mile. Towns are shown in great detail, individual houses, railway tracks, factories, churches, mills, canals, tramways and even minutiae such as dockside cranes, fountains, signal posts, pathways, sheds, wells, etc. Each map has an historical essay on the area covered and a photograph from the era.
The maps are ideal for local historians, transport historians, and family historians, or simply those with an interest in the town they live in or have visited

We no longer have any of these, so please look at Alan's site for any that you seek :
Alan Godfrey maps