Introduction to codes used

In order to list and describe maps on one or two lines, we have encoded certain information on this site and arranged all information in columns. Thus SC is a Standard Cover, p is a paper map and c means the map has a cloth backing.

Column headings
Item No. : For use when ordering.

Sheet No. : As printed on the map, usually top right corner.

Area : Sheet title when available, usually top margin.

Print code : Print codes appear in the brackets after a sheet title (4.12, 3038, 3500/33, A//* and so on). On maps, they are found in either corner of the lower margin. Only the last code is shown in our lists. Within each map series, sheets are in number order and then chronologically by print code or publication date.

Notes : Ownership inscriptions, dates and small labels are not noted.

Date : Publication date of first issue.

Cover : Codes for the major types of cover in any series are explained under the heading in any list. Unless stated otherwise, SC—Standard cover; BK—Book type cover hinged left; BF—Benderfold, single piece cover hinged at the top; HM—Home made cover; pf or cf—paper or cloth folded without covers.

The full list of cover codes can be found by clicking Cover codes.

Format : c—Cloth backing to map d—Map dissected on cloth p—Paper map

Click Format for a full explanation.

Condition : Maps and covers are each graded on a scale 1 to 6; map/cover.
1. Excellent—as originally purchased.
2. Very good—almost new, very minor blemishes.
3. Above average—nice clean copy, obviously used.
4. Average—sound copy with no loss of information.
5. Well used—showing signs of heavy use at the folds, annotations, small splits.
6. Poor—listed for special interest of some sort.

1. Excellent—as purchased (see Notes above).
2. Very good—almost new, very minor defects.
3. Above average—bright clean copy, nice to hold, small amount of wear visible.
4. Average—sound; clean copy obviously used.
5. Well used—intact, but with obvious signs of a hard life.
6. Poor—possibly torn, badly creased etc.

A full explanation can be found by clicking Condition.

£ : Price for the item listed (other copies at other prices may be available, please ask).

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