Condition gradings

Most customers will want to know the condition of the maps offered. Some only want maps as they left the shop one hundred years ago, whilst others are happy with a sound but very used copy. By studying our gradings, one should be able to tell what a map looks like. Thus, a condition grading of 1/1 is for both map and cover in excellent, as new state, whilst 2/2 is a very nice bright copy. A 3/3 grading is for a nice clean map, with a 4/4 grading for a map in average but not tatty condition. A grading of 2/4 would be a very nice map in an average cover. Any annotations or small faults are noted in brackets after the sheet title.

Maps and covers are each graded on a scale 1 to 6; map/cover.
1. Excellent—as originally purchased.
2. Very good—almost new, very minor blemishes.
3. Above average—nice clean copy, obviously used.
4. Average—sound copy with no loss of information.
5. Well used—showing signs of heavy use at the folds, annotations, small splits.
6. Poor—listed for special interest of some sort.

1. Excellent—as purchased (Ownership inscriptions, dates and small labels are not noted.
2. Very good—almost new, very minor defects.
3. Above average—bright clean copy, nice to hold, small amount of wear visible.
4. Average—sound; clean copy obviously used.
5. Well used—intact, but with obvious signs of a hard life.
6. Poor—possibly torn, badly creased etc.

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