Egypt : Nile Delta and Suez Canal : 1:100,000 scale

Egypt : Nile Delta and Canal Zone : 1:100,000 scale

A set of flat maps loosely bound with a cover reading : Egypt, Nile Delta and Canal Zone (Moascar June 53).

Maps are lettered A to Y, with A being an index sheet and maps B to Y being at 1:100,000 scale (metric half-inch).

Map J is lacking. This covers the canal from Le cap south to just north of Ismailia (92 south to 88 on the "Red" Grid).

All sheets have the heading : This sheet is gridded with RED GRID based on Long 31o E.

Area covered : Baltim in the north, Suez Canal to the east, Suez and Cairo to the south and Alexandria to the west.

All sheets published by the Survey of Egypt, and most reprinted by 512 (A. Fd. Svy.) Coy, R.E., mostly in 1941-42, with one in 1952.

These maps have certainly been used, but are quite sound and not tatty. Overall in good clean used condition. A mixture of paper and cloth backed sheets.
£250 post free.

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