North West Europe : 1:250,000 : GSGS 2733

GSGS 2733 : North West Europe : 1:250,000
When the British Expeditionary Force was sent to France in 1914, they took with them small scale topographical maps, not trench maps.
Initially two series, GSGS 2733 North West Europe and GSGS 2738 France, were produced by both the War Office and the Ordnance Survey. They were constructed on different projections so their sheet lines lay at an angle to each other. But their sheets shared a common system of numbering. Sheets 1, 2, 4, 5 constituted GSGS 2733 covering Belgium, the remainder GSGS 2738, which extended across Northern France and into Germany.

(The above notes are from Roger Hellyer's Ordnance Survey small-scale maps : indexes 1801-1998, which describes the series in depth. An article on these maps by John Cruickshank, also includes an index diagram for the series.)

All maps are cloth backed and folded, with the cover details stamped on the front. Those marked with an asterisk * have no printed cover details, but have a printed label instead.

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GSGS 2733 : France : 1:250,000
Item Sheet               Area                                                                                                            £

2. 1 North West Europe. Dunkerque, Zierikzee, Breda, Antwerp, Brussels, Lille. Nice bright copy, small marks in margin. War Office, Aug., 1914. 14.00
3. 1 Another copy. Good copy. 12.00
5. 1 Another copy. Well used, small holes at fold intersections. Sold
10. 5* North West Europe. Another copy. Luxembourg border marked in red crayon. Amateur's cloth backing. War Office, Feb., 1916, Revised Edition. Sold
11. 1 & pt of 4 North West Europe. Dunkerque, Zierikzee, Breda, Antwerp, Brussels, Lille, Charleroi, Mons, Douai. Nice bright copy. War Office, Feb., 1915. Revised Edition. 14.00
12. 1 & pt of 4 Another Copy. Right margin lightly stained, as is lower right corner of map, otherwise a good clean copy. Sold

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