GSGS glossaries

GSGS short glossaries : for use on foreign maps.

Produced by the Geographical Section, General Staff, War Office, London. 35 individual glossaries bound in an official GSGS folder.

Short glossary of ....
Albanian (Second Edition, October, 1946)
Arabic, A. Countries East of 25o E. (First Edition, 1947)
Bulgarian (First Edition, May, 1944)
Burmese (First Edition, January 1945)
Chinese (First Edition, January 1943)
Czech and Slovak (First Edition, July, 1943)
Danish (First Edition, March 1944)
Dutch (First Edition, November 1943)
Estonian (Provisional Edition, July, 1943)
Finnish (First Edition, May 1943)
French (First Edition, May 1943)
German (First Edition, May 1943)
Greek (First Edition, May 1943)
Hungarian (First Edition, July 1943)
Icelandic (First Edition, March 1944)
Indo-Chinese languages A. Romanised annamese (First Edition, February 1945)
Indo-Chinese languages B. Romanised Thai (Laos and Tonkin) (Provisional Edition, November 1945)
Indo-Chinese languages C. Romanised Khmer (Provisional Edition, July, 1945)
Italian (First Edition, May 1943)
Japanese (Provisional Edition, July, 1943)
Latvian (First Edition, July 1943)
Lithuanian (First Edition, July 1943)
Malay (A) in English orthography (First Edition, August 1943)
Malay (B) in Dutch orthography (Provisional Edition, August, 1943)
Norwegian (First Edition, May 1943)
Persian (First Edition, July 1943)
Polish (First Edition, July 1943)
Portuguese (First Edition, May 1943)
Romanian (First Edition, May 1943)
Russian (First Edition, May 1943)
Serb and Croat (First Edition, May 1943)
Spanish (First Edition, May 1943)
Swedish (First Edition, May 1943)
Thai (Siamese) (First Edition, October 1943)
Turkish (First Edition, July 1943)

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