GSGS Misc 350. Fabric Charts and other 1:1,000,000 maps

Military fabric maps
The earliest military fabric map that I have is from the 1890s, and is an Ordnance Survey map printed on fine cloth. More well known are the Second World War escape maps and following on from these are the fabric maps which have been produced until very recently.

We have a small selection of Second World War maps, which have not yet been listed and the following modern examples.

All the following are in excellent, as new condition unless noted, are printed on both sides and are quite large when open. Most say "For official use only" in red. Most recent date is given if no publication date appears on the map. All slightly roughly folded.

Published by the Aeronautical Chart and Information Center, United States Air Force.
"Refer corrections to this chart to the Director of Military Survey, Ministry of Defence, London."

GSGS Misc 350. Fabric Chart. 1:1,000,000
ONC D-2. 6th ed 1970. Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, U.S.S.R. £16.

ONC H-5/6. ONC H-5 4th ed 1969 and ONC H-6 3rd ed 1969. Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Red Sea. Sold.

ONC H-8. 3rd ed 1969. Afghanistan, India, Pakistan. £16.

ONC J-7. 3rd ed 1969. Muscat and Oman, Saudi Arabia, Southern Yemen, Trucial States. Sold.

ONC M-11. 2nd ed 1967. Makassar Strait. £16.

ONC M-12. 2nd ed 1969. Banda Sea. Sold.

1:1,000,000 No publisher or publication date given. British, 1960s?
The following are in excellent, as new condition, and are printed on both sides unless noted All are quite large when open. All slightly roughly folded.

44 C Burma (South), Siam (Thailand)(West Central), French Indo China (part of). Only printed on one side. £10.

44 C Burma (South), Siam (Thailand)(West Central), French Indo China (part of) and
44 D Burma (Extreme South), Siam (Thailand)(South). 44C is fully coloured but 44D has only the black and red plates. Unusual. Sold.

44 E Siam (Thailand)(Part of), Sumatra (North) and
44 F Siam (Thailand)(Extreme South), Malaya (F.M.S.), Sumatra (Central). One margin trimmed, not affecting map area, small mark. Overall very nice and clean. Sold.

44 G Sumatra (South), Java (Extreme North West) and
44 H Borneo (South west), Sumatra (Extreme South), Java (East & West). Sold.

44 V S. Japan, and
44 W N. Japan. £16.

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