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We still have a few half-inch maps.
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Published in two versions from 1908 on 34 sheets with subsequent revisions and reprints.
a. Coloured edition with hill shading, published 1908-10(code HS).
b. Coloured edition with layers, published 1910-11 (code L).

Index map for this series (with thanks to the Charles Close Society).

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Print codes used
These are found in the lower corners of each sheet. They vary, but the most common are a quantity and year, 3000/27 or a shorter version 3027, meaning the same thing. Only the last code is given here.

Cover codes
The earliest are white waxy covers with the area title in large letters (code WL), or including a diagram of the map area (code WD). The standard cover has a picture by Ellis Martin, of a car and signpost within a decorative border. Originally issued as a black design on buff, with red sheet lettering (code EB), a green border was then added with all brown lettering (code SG). The cover size was then increased, and a buff border added beyond the green border (code LB). In 1938 a single piece cover, with the same design, but hinged at the top (as used today) was introduced (code BF). Some maps have a paper wrap around book like cover (code BK) with the standard design. Cover details are sometimes printed directly on to the folded map (code DP). Maps can also be found in covers supplied by Ordnance Survey agents, and usually have details of the agent on the front (code AG).

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