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Special offer on the two essential books for collecting Ordnance Survey maps
Roger Hellyer, Ordnance Survey small-scale maps : indexes 1801-1998 and John Paddy Browne, Map cover art.

Roger's book details over 1,000 different OS map series, civil, military and geological, with details on different formats, experimental maps, full lists of all tourist and district maps and much more. Map cover art needs no introduction, with the 199 illustrations of map covers being essential for collectors.

Special offer : New copies are offered at £25 the pair, including postage (previously sold at £50).
Single items : Hellyer £18, MCA £12 including postage.
David Archer : david@david-archer-maps.co.uk
The Pentre, Kerry, Newtown, SY16 4PD. 01686 670382.

A wonderful new book.
Old Series to Explorer : a field guide to the Ordnance map by Chris Higley. vi, 154 pages, illus. bibliog. Charles Close Society. 2011.

At last, a good, well written, well illustrated guide to Ordnance Survey maps for the new enthusiast and general reader. For twenty six years, I have been telling people that such a book does not exist, and now I am more than pleased to say that it has just been published.

Twelve chapters cover the history of the Ordnance Survey, how the maps were made, one-inch, half-inch, 1:50,000, six-inch maps and more. All subjects are all dealt with clearly and concisely. England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland are all covered, plus the Crown Dependencies. A thoroughly readable text has numerous index diagrams, coloured map extracts and cover illustrations. Final chapters deal with map makers at war, trench maps and so on, with Chapter 12 devoted to collecting OS maps.

For anyone who collects OS maps, no matter how long you have been at it, and for anyone who uses them for research, this book is a highly recommended. I am sure that you will consider it money well spent.

Price £12.00 from the Charles Close Society.


We have started a new page for atlases.

B26. Ordnance Survey postcards.
Forty coloured postcards of map covers issued in 1991 to celebrate the bicentenary of the Ordnance Survey. Taken from the illustrations in Map Cover Art, four sets were issued, each with ten cards in a coloured wallet. Cards are in mint condition in slightly scuffed wallets.

Set 1 Blue wallet with covers by Ellis Martin.
The reverse of two cards have the Royal Mail 24p Ordnance Survey Ham Street stamp with a first day cancellation from Bristol.

Set 2 Not available.

Set 3 Green wallet with covers by Arthur Palmer.
a. The reverse of one card has the Royal Mail 24p Ordnance Survey Ham Street stamp with a first day cancellation from Bristol.

b. Another set without the stamps.

Set 4 Red wallet with covers by J.C.T. Willis, E.J. Hoy, Ellis Martin and Arthur Palmer.

£6.50 per set, including postage.

B22. A description of Ordnance Survey Small Scale Maps. 5th Edition, 1925
A few small ink marks on the cover, one on each of the Popular and Third Edition plates, and one in the margin of the Third plate. The rest of the book is nice and clean. Cover illustration of three people in a car (Mrs Ellis Martin in red). 30 pages, including 8 coloured map extracts and 10 index diagrams.
£18.00 including postage.

B21. Map cover art
Map cover art : a pictorial history of Ordnance Survey cover illustrations, by John Paddy Browne, 144 pages, full colour illustrations, bibliography, 1991. New copy.
One cannot be interested in OS maps and not have a copy. At the back are 199 small images of map covers, plus supporting text with details of variants from those illustrated.
£15.00 plus postage.

B19. The ten-mile maps of the Ordnance Surveys. Roger Hellyer. Essential reading for all with a wide interest in Ordnance Survey maps. Valuable for railway details. 214pp illus. 1992.
As new copy. £14.00 plus postage. (New copy £17.95)

B13. Indexes to the 1/2500 and 6-inch scale maps : England and Wales. Originally published by the Ordnance Survey, this new edition has an introduction by Richard Oliver and additional material by Roger Hellyer. 128pp illus. bibliog. 2002. New copy.

Indexes to the 1/2500 and 6-inch scale maps : Scotland. Originally published by the Ordnance Survey, this new edition includes extra material, including new indexes drawn specially for this work. Introduction by Brian Adams. 112pp illus. bibliog.1993. New copy.
Two books for £30 including postage.

B9. Notes on map reading : 1929. (Reprinted with amendments (Nos. 1 to 4) 1939). HMSO. 95 pages 20 plates. 1940. Nice clean copy.
Very useful introduction to map reading with coloured Ordnance Survey map extracts.
£5 including postage.

B8. Ordnance Survey descriptions
Three booklets describing the complete range of Ordnance Survey maps available in the 1950s.
Large scale plans : 21 pages and 9 plates, including the conventional signs and writing on 1:2500 County Series plans.

Medium scale maps : 20 page and 14 plates, including index diagrams for the 1:25,000 First Series maps.

Small scale maps : 12 page and 17 plates and index diagrams.

All three booklets £10, including postage.

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