Photographs and maps of strategic sites

German 2WW map extracts of strategic sites
1. Liverpool 1:10,560 : GB 5085 Hauptkraftwerk 'Lister Drive'. November 1940.
Six-inch map of Newsham Park area, with red box marking a site with buildings and installations numbered 1-6 and named. 9” by 10”, bright copy, Sold.

2. Manchester 1:10,560 : GB 7391 Flugzeugzellenwerk – Metropolitan Vickers Electr. Co Ltd. October 1940.
Six-inch map with Trafford Park football stadium on right edge and the Vickers works outlined in red with 7 buildings and installations numbered and named. 9” by 10”, bright copy, Sold.

German 2WW aerial photographs of strategic sites
3. Liverpool 1:7000 : GB 45 96 bc. April 1942.
Aerial photograph of Canning Dock and Waterloo Basin area with five areas marked in red and named, 9” by 10” bright copy, Sold.

4. Liverpool-Waterloo 1:19,200. November 1940.
Aerial photograph showing either side of the Mersey, with the Liver Building in lower right, and docks stretching north from it, and docks and housing on opposite bank, 9” by 9”, bright copy, Sold.

4. Manchester 1:15,500 GB 82 3 bc. March 1941.
Aerial photograph with Crossley Brothers Ltd works marked and Audenshaw reservoirs marked, 9” by 9”, bright copy, Sold..

5. Manchester-Barton 1:17,300. GB 2169 bc. Updated 4.10.39.
Aerial photograph with sites outlined in red and details beneath for the Anglo-American Oil Co, Manchester Oil Refinery and Triebstofflager (???) 9” by 8”, good, slightly creased copy, Sold..

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