Siam, Thailand : 1:12,500 : GSGS 4572, L904

Bangkok, 1945
Town plan of Bangkok. 2 sheets. 1:12,500 : GSGS 4572 (Hind 1074) W.O. First Edition, Hind Second Edition.
Published by the War Office, 1945. 1,150/8/45 SPC. Both sheets.
Bas map grey, numbered locations black, water blue, woods green. Key to numbered locations on reverse.
Mapped area of North sheet 32" tall by 22" high, South sheet 37" wide by 20" tall.
Good clean condition, folding to roughly A4 size, Sold.

Bangkok, 1964
Thailand city maps, Bangkok : 1:12,500 : L904 : Edition 4 GSGS
Four sheets. Base map grey, roads yellow, water blue, woods green, important buildings named.
Published by D. Survey, Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom, 1964.
All mapped areas 23” wide by 26” high.
Good clean condition, paper folded to roughly A4 size, Four sheets. Sold.

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