Northumberland : First Edition : 1855-1864.

Northumberland 1:10,560 (Six-inches to one mile) : First Edition : 1855-1864
The early engraved six-inch sheets are generally considered the finest maps the Ordnance Survey ever issued. The crisp black detail was later lost when other production methods were introduced.

Each map has a mapped area of 24” by 36”.

The early states showed only the named county, with the area of adjoining counties being blank. In the entries, if a sheet covers more than one county, the size of printed area (Hampshire) is noted, e.g. 1/3 full (of mapped detail).

We have 44 sheets which have yet to be catalogued. Prices depend on the amount of the county shown, and usually range between £45 and £100.
Please ask for any sheet that might be of interest.

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