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Fifth Edition
We still have a few Fifth Edition maps. Please ask for specific sheets.

Published 1934-36 on 22 sheets alongside the original small sheet Relief series (see Fifth Relief Edition) and between 1937-39 on 16 additional larger sheets (which were never issued in the relief style). Sheet 113 was issued in all three editions.

Please email for for specific wants :

Index diagrams for the large and small sheets series (with thanks to the Charles Close Society). (Scroll down the diagram for the Large Sheet Series.)

Fifth Edition, small and large sheets : Sheets 93 - 146

A full history and carto-bibliography of the series can be found in A guide to the Ordnance Survey one-inch Fifth Edition.

Print codes used
These are found in the lower corners of each sheet. They vary, but the most common are a quantity and year, 3000/27 or a shorter version 3027, meaning the same thing. Only the last code is given here.

Cover codes
The standard cover (code SC) has blue border and a picture by Ellis Martin, of a man with a haversack sitting on a hillside looking at a map. In 1938 a single piece cover, with the same design but hinged at the top (as used today) was introduced (code BF). Some maps have a paper wrap around book like cover (code BK) with the standard design.

See also Fifth Relief Edition.

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