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Fifth Relief Edition
Published 1931-36 on 22 sheets. The same sheets were also issued without the relief detail, and are listed together with the later larger format sheets as Fifth Edition sheets.

We still have a few Fifth Relief Edition maps. Please ask for specific sheets.

Please email for for specific wants :

Index diagram for the Fifth Relief Edition, published on the sheet lines of the small sheet series (with thanks to the Charles Close Society).

Fifth Relief Edition : Sheets 95 - 146
Fifth Relief Edition : flat sheets

A full history and carto-bibliography of the series can be found in A guide to the Ordnance Survey one-inch Fifth Edition.

Print codes used
These are found in the lower right corner of each sheet, and take the form of a quantity and year, 3000/27.

Cover codes
The standard cover (code SC) has bright red border and a picture by Ellis Martin, of a man with a haversack sitting on a hillside looking at a map. A few maps have a very decorative crest design without the picture (code CR).

See also Fifth Edition, small and large sheets .

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