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Popular Edition : England and Wales
Please note : we no longer have any Popular Edition maps for England and Wales folded in covers. We have a few paper folded sheets, plus a collection of Popular Edition in Benderfold covers.

Surveyed in 1913-1923, published 1919-1926 on 146 sheets with subsequent revisions and reprints.

Please email for paper maps or the Benderfold covers collection website@david-archer-maps.co.uk

Index map for this series (with thanks to the Charles Close Society).

A full history and carto-bibliography of the series can be found in Popular maps : the Ordnance Survey Popular Edition one-inch map of England and Wales 1919-1926.

Print codes used
These are found in the lower corners of each sheet. They vary, but the most common are a quantity and year, 3000/27 or a shorter version 3027, meaning the same thing. Only the last code is given here.

Cover codes
The standard cover has a picture by Ellis Martin, of a man sitting on a hillside looking at a map, with his bicycle beside him. Originally issued as a black design on buff, with red sheet name (code EB), a red border was soon added with all black lettering (code SR). The cover size was then increased, and a buff border added beyond the red border (code LB). In 1938 a single piece cover, with the same design, but hinged at the top (as used today) was introduced (code BF). Some maps have a paper wrap around book like cover (code BK) with the standard design.

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