Scotland : Second Edition : Caledonian reprints

One-inch to one mile : Scotland : Second Edition : Caledonian reprints.

Set of 94 maps
The Second Edition of the Scottish one-inch map, was produced from the first national revision of 1894-95, and was laid out in 132 sheets, of which 131 were published, with a standard sheet size of 24 by 18 inches.

Caledonian Books originally reproduced a set of 94 sheets, which is offered here. Paper folded in plastic slip cases, each sheet has a front cover panel and an index to the series as a rear panel. All maps are in excellent, as new condition.

Not included are sheets for the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetlands Islands, which have recently been published, and would be available from Caledonian Books at £5.95 each.

Set of 94 maps £340 including UK postage and insurance.

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