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We are sorry, but we no longer stock this series.

Seventh Series : Sheets 1-49 Northern Scotland

Seventh Series : Sheets 50-93 Southern Scotland and Northern England

Seventh Series : Sheets 94-137 Central England and Northern Wales

Seventh Series : Sheets 138-190 South Wales and Southern England

A full history and carto-bibliography of the series can be found in A guide to the Ordnance Survey one-inch Seventh Series.

Print codes used on Seventh Series maps
These are found in the lower left corner of each sheet and consist of a letter, with or without bars and asterisks underneath. Bars and asterisks (showing significant changes) and bars (showing minor changes) under Edition letters are shown as A/* on this website, instead of A*.

Cover codes for Seventh Series maps
A—Small, red and cream
B—Large, red and cream
C—Large, red and white laminated
D—Large, all red laminated

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