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Third Edition : Scotland

Revised 1901-1910, published 1905-13, with subsequent revisions and reprints. Laid out in 132 sheets, of which only 117 were published on 98 sheets (some were combined).
Publication was discontinued before completion.

We still have a few Scottish One-inch Third Edition, in colour maps. Please ask for specific sheets.

Please email for for specific wants :

Index map for this series (with thanks to the Charles Close Society).

A full history and carto-bibliography of the series can be found in A guide to the Ordnance Survey one-inch Third Edition maps, in colour.

Please contact us for specific wants.

Print codes used
These are found in the lower left corner of each sheet, in a month.year style, 3.14 being March 1914. Only the last code is listed here.

Cover codes
The earliest are white waxy covers with the area title in large letters (code WL), or including a diagram of the map area (code WD). Later covers have a decorative crest design by Ellis Martin, originally issued as a black design on buff, with red sheet name (code EB), this was soon replaced by the same design in brown, with a red sheet name and a red border (code ER). Cover details are sometimes printed directly on to the folded map (code DP). Some maps are found in covers supplied by Ordnance Survey agents, and usually have details of the agent on the front (code AG).

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