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Operation Sea Lion
In preparing for the invasion of Great Britain (Operation Sea Lion), a vast amount of information, including maps and photographs, was assembled by the German military which resulted in the production of a series of military/geographical assessments, showing what might be found by those arriving. This material was also used in a military evaluation of the regions of the British Isles, and considered each from the viewpoint of invasion.

The full assessment for England and Wales consists of three thick A5 sized folders containing books and maps, plus eleven A4 sized folders, each containing maps and a book of photographs. There are 144 six-inch town maps marked with strategic locations, and almost 1500 black and white photographs.

Folders (Mappe) A, B and C (A5 sized folders)
Folder A : England and Wales, on a regional basis with numerous photographs and maps.
Folder B : London, photographs and maps.
Folder C : Books of coastal photographs to help with selecting invasion beaches.

The eleven large A4 sized folders each contain large scale town plans marked with strategic locations, a book of photographs and a quarter-inch map of the area.

We are offering a complete set of books and maps for England and Wales, with additional material for Ireland (Operation Green). In addition, we are offering some individual items.

Operation Sea Lion
The full collection of books and maps with material for Ireland (Operation Green)

Town plans and photographs
Town plans : set of 11 regional folders
Town plans : single regional folders
Town plans for individual towns
Regional maps

Books and maps
Folder A : Military and geographical assessment
Set of books and maps
Single items

Folder B : Military and geographical assessment : London
No sets or single items available.

Folder C : Descriptions of the coast : Text and photographs with fold-out maps
No sets or single items available.

Except for the single item below, all Irish material is offered within the collection.

Single items

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