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We have some six-inch County Series sheets. Some counties are better represented than others. Most sheets are dated 1900-1940, with examples either side of these dates. We have not listed our holdings but can respond to requests for specific sheets or specific areas and places.

Please email to ask what we have, giving as exact a location and date as possible.

For anyone using large scale maps, we have republished the Ordnance Survey indexes to the sheet lines in Indexes to the 1/2500 and 6-inch scale maps : England and Wales, and Indexes to the 1/2500 and 6-inch scale maps : Scotland.

Town plans
We have a separate list for six-inch town plans.

2WW German maps of important British towns
We have a stock of Second World War German maps of major British towns. At a scale of 1:10,000 (metric six-inch), these are Ordnance Survey six-inch maps, slightly enlarged and overprinted with symbols identifying strategic sites such as bridges, railway stations, factories and so on. Thus, not only are they excellent town plans from the 1930s era, but also of historical importance.

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