Scotland : 1:500 indexes

Towns in Scotland : Indexes of 10 Foot Plans
A collection of 60 indexes for the 1:500 scale plans (10.56 feet to one mile).

Each index is on a six-inch base map, some being extracts of engraved maps, others apparently hand-drawn for the purpose. All are cloth backed and mounted in a maroon binding with gilt lettering on the front. Numbered index at the front.

The size of each sheet varies. Some are folded, with Glasgow being divided on two sheets for convenience. The reverse of many indexes has a printed list of 'Agents for the sale of Ordnance Survey maps' in Scotland, England and Ireland (which can still be read if held to the light).

Condition : Carefully and probably infrequently used, but the spine strip is rubbed through at the edges. The maps are in very nice bright condition, with very minor creasing, and light dust marks to a few.

Apart from Glasgow, we have never had the opportunity to purchase any of these indexes as single items. The folder contents are of varying dates, some contemporary with the plans, and some post-1900. The index for Falkirk reads : Reprint by Heliozincography 50/09. (50 copies printed in 1909).

Collection of 60 plans. Sold.

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