Sheetlines : Charles Close Society

Sheetlines : the journal of the Charles Close Society for the study of Ordnance Survey maps

A complete run of issues 1-50, October 1981 to December 1997 in excellent condition.

Issues 1-15 have been bound together. Pages 7-10 of issue 4 are photocopied.
Issues 16-20, 21-25 and 26-30 are held together in slide binders.
Issues 31-50 are single copies.
Cumulative index for issues 1-68.
Almanack 2010 which includes an index to issues 69-88.

If bought from the society, the cost to members would be £109 (£128 to non-members). This would include issues 1-30 as eight reprinted volumes.

A very nice bright set of Sheetlines, £90 including UK postage.

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